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Patented Comfort Technology

Developed by Impact Research Technology, the powerful VersoShock® shock absorbing system transforms normal footwear into an essential part of your daily fitness regimen. They provide the support, comfort and shock absorption needed to help protect your body and ease harmful impact.

The First Step for a Better Tomorrow

Relieve Discomfort

Discomfort and stress destroy your quality of life. As you age, cartilage and other tissues that protect your joints become thinner and less resilient. Gravity Defyer® footwear provides shock absorption from the ground up. They make walking on hard surfaces like concrete and linoleum in your home or workplace feel soft –It's almost like walking on air!

Improve Your Health

Whether you are an ex-athlete, soccer mom or work a 9 to 5 in an office, being more active can help improve your health and longevity - combating heart disease, control weight, improve your mood and be healthy for years to come. Gravity Defyer® shoes help by making it more comfortable than ever to stay active and on your feet.

Energize Your Life

A more active you means your muscles build strength and endurance, your body receives more oxygen and nutrients, and the heart and lungs work more efficiently. As your body gets more efficient you will have more energy to live the life you've always dreamed of! Our goal with Gravity Defyer® shoes is to support you every step of the way.

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Enjoy the comfort of Gravity Defyer® shoes' patented VersoShock® system today – RISK FREE. It's almost like defying gravity!

Try them in the privacy of your very own home. No salespeople. No shopping mall hassles. Simply choose your size and favorite style and we'll rush the order to your door –and with free returns and exchanges, it's easy to get the right fit! Why wait? Simply select "Bill me in 30 days" at checkout.

Say "Wow" with Every Step

I am on my fourth pair in almost three years and I can honestly say I am very happy with these shoes...

~Caitlin A.

I have owned the Red Flexnet model for about a year now & they are most comfortable shoes that I own...

~Kevin W.

Once you find the right size and width you will love them...

~Terri G.