Patented VersoShock Technology

In every shoe. In every style.


The Ultimate
Shock Absorbing Footwear.

The stress and discomfort of being active and on your feet can destroy your quality of life. As you age, cartilage and other tissues that protect your joints become thinner and less resilient. Gravity Defyer® footwear helps protect your body and provide shock absorption from the ground up.


Enjoy being active, enjoy the journey, enjoy life.

When being active and on your feet is uncomfortable or hurts, it can not only detract from your productivity, but also your quality of life. Whether you are an ex-athlete, soccer mom or work a 9 to 5 in an office, being more active can help improve your health and longevity. Gravity Defyer® shoes help by making it more comfortable than ever to stay active and on your feet.


Another lap, another mile, with shoes that work with you.

With each step our patented shoe technology returns energy to you, to help you stay active and on your feet longer. A more active you means your muscles build strength and endurance, your body receives more oxygen and nutrients, and the heart and lungs work more efficiently. As your body gets more efficient you will have more energy to live the life you've always dreamed of!


"I work in a restaurant. Finally found the shoes that don't kill my legs and feet... Gravity Defyer® shoes are awesome!" - Diana B

"I decided to fulfill a life's dream and go to China... without my Gravity Defyer® this would have been impossible." - Eleanor

"After ordering and wearing your Gravity Defyer®, I have renewed faith that I will continue my passion for senior softball. Thank you." - Rob B

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