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Women's Orthotic Insole (High Arches w/ Metatarsal Support)
Women's Orthotic Insole (High Arches w/ Metatarsal Support)
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A natural extension of having high arches is supination, but when left uncorrected the additional stress caused by redistributing and isolating pressure along the outer edge of the foot causes the metatarsal region to strike the ground with increased force- focusing the energy on the joint. To help, reduce this impact force, this foot orthotic goes one step further than a simple arch support. First it uses a proper arch support that matches your arch height to reduce stress on the tendons of the foot, and reduce ankle stress by realigning the foot plane. A heel cup (post) to correct supination, and a metatarsal pad are then added to absorb excess shock, restore the position of the transverse arch and lift the sensitive nerves of this area away from the forward striking surface. Get a pair of these foot orthotics today and really start living! Swiss & German universities have dedicated years developing quality foot care products. Extensive research, with the participation of orthopedists, podiatrists, kinesiologists and clinical health practitioners, has resulted in this unique insole.