Men's G-Defy Ali-U Shoes

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Allez-oop! New from the G-Defy® Pro Line - the Ali-U. This distinctive footwear has been designed to keep you on your feet for extended workouts. The Ali-U features an upper constructed of padded Microfiber PU -a synthetic leather that is easy to clean and breathes! Your feet stay dry and cool by combining this unique material with our revolutionary AVSS³ internal cooling system (that exchanges the air inside the footbed with every 7 steps). High-tops provide improved ankle support and mid foot control. Our Ali-u is built on a VS2W sole giving it a broader base and powerful trampoline action that absorbs harmful shock and propels you forward. Reactor Gel technology increases lateral stability for better cornering. Like coach always said, "Protect yourself at all times." Guard your feet, ankles, knees and more from harmful shock with the Ali-u.