Men's G-Defy Galaxy ll Shoes

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We’ve all had it happen. You slip on our favorite sneakers and lace-in, only to discover that –Ouch!– the tongue has slipped, cutting off your circulation. Now you can enjoy total comfort with the Galaxy. The Galaxy’s sock-like one piece upper is smooth and soft against your skin. It never twists or binds, so you can enjoy every step in utter comfort. With the Galaxy, comfort isn’t just skin deep. The Galaxy utilizes the revolutionary VS2 VersoShock® Reverse Trampoline Sole by Gravity Defyer®. It absorbs harmful impact that may cause pain in feet, knees, hips and other joints 3 times more effectively than standard footwear. That’s 3 times the shock absorption, to protect your body while standing and walking on hard surfaces like trails and sidewalks and the pavement all around us. Its time to get back in shape without the distractions of your old sneakers. Get out the door faster and enjoy your next walk with the Galaxy.