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30-DAY Satisfaction Guarantee

For Gravity Defyer customers, try any one (1) pair of Gravity Defyer shoes for yourself…risk free! Just pay the non-refundable shipping and handling fees and you have 30 days to return them for a refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for refund or exchange, products must be returned within 30 days from the day they were shipped. Products must be returned in "like new" condition in their original packaging. Used or damaged footwear and/or incomplete returns are not entitled for refund, exchange, store credit.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your bank provider, your credit card or debit card will be pre-authorized for the total amount of the order and the funds  will be on hold up to 10 business days by your bank or credit card company. The total value of your sales order should be available for this pre-authorization. If you need to make any other arrangements, please contact customer service directly prior to completing this order. After the 10 business days the hold will drop off and then we will bill your credit card 30 days after the date the item ships.

If you ordered 2 or more items and selected our "Bill me in 30 days" billing option, this option will apply only to the first item shipped. All other items on the same sales order, if shipped within the 30-day billing schedule of first item, will be billed for shipping on the day of shipment and is on the same day, as scheduled, as the first item shipped. If within 30 days from shipment there is no indication of the unbilled item being returned and in our possession at the warehouse, the credit card initially provided will be charged for the remaining balance of that item. Any item that ships outside the initial 30-day billing schedule will be fully charged at time of shipping.