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Military 140x Zoom Binoculars
Military 140x Zoom Binoculars
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Tripod for Military Zoom Binoculars
Military 140x Zoom Binoculars

See the whites of a bird's eye from 500 yards away. Bring an object five miles away so close, you can almost touch it. The new MilitaryZoom binoculars are the most powerful ever made. Be your own amateur astronomer as you view planets, moons, nebulae and comets. These make any stargazing experience feel like a telescopic trip to the planetarium. Read the coach and players' lips as you watch a sporting event. These are the kind of binoculars soldiers would use, only you'll be a safe distance away from the danger. With most binoculars, you can view objects seven times closer and 14 times brighter than with the unaided eye. Most amateur telescopes magnify 85 times. The Military Zoom magnifies between 20 and 140 times closer, and 70 times more light comes into its gigantic 70 mm lens. Every eye-catching event will feel like a truly interactive experience. Its rubber grip makes it simple to handle, too. The Military Zoom binoculars brings the world to your eyes. Go ahead, reach out and touch the stars. FEATURES Magnifies between 20 and 140 times. Gigantic 70mm lens. Easy to grip and handle. Measures: 12" x 9 " x 4".