Bike Pedal Safety LED Light (Pair)

item id: TH367PD

Riding at night can be dangerous. Increase your visibility with the Pedalite. The Pedalite takes the place of your normal bicycle pedal and is easy to install. It requires no batteries or maintenance. As you ride, a micro generator powers three brilliant strobing LEDs. They even keep flashing once you stop pedalling! Once installed these flashing lights grab attention from 360 degrees, making your ride safer. Yellow caution flashes to the side. Red flashes behind. White flashes forward. -% if accidents happen at or near a road junction where cyclists could have been seen from the side.-Source: RSoPA 2005) Flashes front, side and rear when pedaling. 360 degree visibility Can be seen up to 1km away Non-slip surface No batteries or maintenance Easy installation Fits standard adult and children's bicycle pedal arms. Be safer when riding during the day, dusk and into the night protect yourself and your family. Get the Pedalite today.